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Corona Information 10.11.2020

  • Currently during the corona epidemy, our weekly open drawing events have been suspended.

Poikkeusilmoitus: Tänään ei piirretä!


Tänään lauantaina 19.1.2019 ei järjestetä elävän mallin piirustustapahtumaa Tapiolassa, koska ilmoittautuneita ei saatu tarpeeksi. Kiitos ilmoittautuneille!

Sivulla olleet/olevat ristiriitaiset tiedot, johtuvat ohjelmistovirheistä ja juuri tällä hetkellä meneillään olevista kehitys- ja korjaustoimenpiteistä.

Toimistopaketilla järjestätte kätevästi elävän mallin piirustustapahtuman työpaikallenne. Paketti sisältää mallin esiintymisen sekä mahdollisesti ohjauksen ja piirustusvälineet.

Tarjoamme myös konsultaatiota mallipiirustustarpeiston hankintaan ja esiintymisympäristön rakentamiseen.

Live Reference Models for Croquis Drawing and Character Artists

Throughout the history of Western art, drawing the human figure – from life models – has been considered the most fundamental way to develop draftsmanship. If you can draw the human body, you can draw or paint anything (except horses maybe).

Life model drawing (nude) is a traditional life-long excercise and creative (drafting and production) method for artists, illustrators, and related creative professionals and non-professionals.

As an exercise, life model drawing trains the artist's brain to map the 3D visual information of the real-world (human body) to a respective representation on the artist's medium (paper, pad, etc). Because the drawing requires neural coordination between multiple modalities, such as visual perception and motor control, it is a viable method to maintain and improve brain healt and longevity.

Life models are also available for reference, for tracing game and motion picture body and characters models.

Why to Draw Croquis

  • Stir up your daily routine...
  • Fill your brain with natural organic stimuli...
  • Have creative and artistic fun with quick sketching...
  • Or just empty your mind by focusing intensely on seeing and creating...

... while still maintaining and practising the fundamental skill of true artists!

Why to Use Live Reference Models

  • See how a real body or two bodies behaves physiologically/mechanically
  • Trace a model or a model-pair in static poses or life movement
  • Inspect balance, posture, skeleton, and muscles in different poses
  • Work with an open-minded and relaxed person(s)
  • Experience the feel of a human character holistically, and bring it to your design

Drawing by Annukka Pietilä. 20 min. Last drawing in a series. (2.5.2016)

You are also welcome to our open life model sessions!

Or would you like to have a male or a female model, or both as a pair? With a instructor/tearcher maybe? Any other wishes?

Get in touch and ask for more information!

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Annukka Pietilä. 20 min. Last drawing in the series. (2.5.2016)

Favorite pose from the thing

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Croquis with laptop.

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Ari Lainevuo. Croquis, 6 min. Asentosarja A:n kolmas piiros. (31.7.2015)

Hanna Veräjänkorva. 20 min. Sarjojen viimeinen piiros. (21.8.2015)

See also: Aleksi "eminenssi" Romo's eka, toka ja kolmas croquis-piirrokset; Juha Saarinen's pastel works and drawings; Ari Lainevuo's model-pair drawings. – Life Model Drawing and Art Models


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